Semi Gloss Coated Paper Hotmelt Glue

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Print high-quality labels with our durable 80gsm semi-gloss self-adhesive paper featuring strong hot melt glue. Perfect for various applications, this paper offers a smooth, semi-gloss finish for excellent printability and a touch of elegance. Our labels are ideal for branding, product packaging, and more. Order yours today!

  • Facestock Material: Semi-Gloss Paper
  • Facestock Thickness: 80gsm
  • Adhesive Layer: Hotmelt Glue
  • Liner Material: White Glassine
  • Liner Thickness: 60gsm

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Product No.HCHMC2709
Product Name80gsm Semi-glossy  paper / Hot melt/60gsm White glassine
Face Material80gsm Semi-glossy  paper
Liner60gsm White glassine released paper
Gluehot melt

ClassificationItemsIndexUnitTest Reference
Face MaterialWeight80±10%g/㎡GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness70±10%μmGB/T 451.3-2002
Whiteness≥85%%GB/T 7974-2002
LinerWeight60±10%g/㎡GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness53±10%μmGB/T 451.3-2002
Tensile strength longitudinal≥5.0KN/mKN/mGB/T 12914-2018
GlueInitial annular adhesiceness≥17NGB/T 31125-2014
90 ° release force ≥9
or Paper tearing condition
N/25mmGB/T 2792-2014
180° 30m/min high-speed release force≤35gg/㎡FTM1
persistent adhesivity≥8 hours not fall off/GB/T 4851-2014
Minimum labeling temperature10°C
usage temperature-15°C~65°C


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