Eco Direct Thermal Paper Hotmelt Glue White Glassine Liner

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Print labels on-demand with our 72gsm Eco Thermal Paper! Ideal for direct thermal printers, these labels offer clear printing. Hot melt glue ensures reliable adhesion. Easy to use with white glassine liner.

  • Facestock Material: Eco Thermal Paper
  • Facestock Thickness: 72gsm
  • Adhesive Layer: Hotmelt Glue
  • Liner Material: White Glassine
  • Liner Thickness: 60gsm

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Product No.HCHSD7260
Product Name72gsm Eco Direct thermal paper /hotmelt/60gsm white glassine
Face Material72gsm Eco Direct thermal paper
Liner60gsm White glassine released paper
GlueHot melt
ClassificationItemsIndexUnitTest Reference
Face MaterialWeight72±10%g/㎡GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness80±10%μmGB/T 451.3-2002
Whiteness≥80%%GB/T 7974-2002
Water-Proof60≥%%GB/T 28210-2011
Color density≥1.10%GB/T 28210-2011
LinerWeight60±10%g/㎡GB/T 451.2-2002
Thickness53±10%μmGB/T 451.3-2002
Tensile strength longitudinal≥5.2KN/mKN/mGB/T 12914-2018
GlueInitial annular adhesiceness≥14NGB/T 31125-2014
90 ° release force≥7
or Paper tearing condition
N/25mmGB/T 2792-2014
180° 30m/min high-speed release force≤35gg/㎡FTM1
Minimum labeling temperature10°C
usage temperature-15°C~65°C


Thermal Printing

Thermal printing utilizes a special paper coating that reacts to heat from a print head. This heat activation creates the image or text, eliminating the need for ink.

  • Heat-activated color change

Due to its fast printing speed, thermal printing is ideal for applications requiring quick receipts or labels.

Hot Melt Glue

Hot melt glue adds an adhesive layer to the thermal paper. This layer activates with heat or pressure, allowing the paper to self-adhere to surfaces.

  • Self-adhesive
  • Versatility (different strengths and formulations for various bonding needs)

Combined Features

Thermal paper with hot melt glue offers a convenient all-in-one solution for printing and adhesion, streamlining workflows.


  • Self-sticking labels (product labels, price tags, asset tracking labels)
  • Receipts with detachable coupons
  • Medical field (securely attached labels for vials or samples)

Waterproof . Oil-proof

The thermal paper is coated with a water-resistant layer that prevents water from seeping in and damaging the label's content. This makes it suitable for use in wet or humid environments, such as near sinks or in outdoor areas. The coating also provides some resistance to oil and grease, making it ideal for use in kitchens or other areas where food is handled. It can also withstand exposure to chemicals and solvents, increasing its durability in industrial settings.


The surface of the label is either coated or infused with anti-scratch additives that enhance its resistance to abrasion and wear. This prevents the label from becoming scuffed or illegible, even after repeated handling or exposure to harsh conditions.

Strong adhesion

Beyond printing, thermal paper with hot melt glue shines with its strong adhesion. This means the label forms a reliable bond with various surfaces once activated by heat or pressure.  The hot melt glue ensures the label stays securely attached, eliminating worries about peeling or falling off, even on textured surfaces. Different adhesive strengths are available, so you can choose the perfect label for your needs, whether you require temporary or permanent adhesion. This strong adhesion, coupled with the convenience of thermal printing, makes thermal paper with hot melt glue a versatile and dependable labeling solution.



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